What We Offer

Track Solutions offer a full range of undercarriage track shop services. We work directly with our clients to offer a service that is unmatched in our market.

Rebar track shoes

  • Our innovative process allows us to rebar your track shoes on the rail. This means it saves you money by not having to remove the plates and replace the hardware. This technique has been used since we began operations in 2003 and is an effective way to drastically reduce maintenance costs.

Link assembly repair

  • Our mobile press is used for small jobs such as shortening chains or repairing dry joints

Pin and bush turn

  • Our 300 tonne track press allows us to extended the life of your link assemblies by turning both the pin and bush according to correct specifications. It also allows us to replace only those parts that need replacing.

Grouser Bars

  • We stock a large range of heat treated grouser bars.
  • The grouser bars come in 3 meter lengths or can be custom cut to size. It is a boron material which has increased strength and resistance to abrasion.

Track Hardware

  • We stock track bolts, nuts and master bolts for a large range of machines.
  • We use Ajax hardware which is forged from alloy steels and heat-treated to the specifications of the original equipment manufacturers.

Aftermarket Parts

  • We carry several lines of undercarriage brands which include Kanto Buhin, VTrack and Trek.
  • The parts consist of track link assemblies, track shoes, idlers, rollers and sprockets