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Track Solutions are the experts when it comes to all your undercarriage needs, and we provide the best services available, using the best parts and providing the best quality. We know what our clients expect, and strive to go above and beyond the industry standards.

Track Solutions offers a full range of undercarriage track shop services. We work directly with our clients to offer a service that is unmatched in our market, and keep you up to date with everything that is happening.

From installing rebar track shoes, repairing any type of assembly link and fine tuning machinery, Track Solutions will keep you on track and get you back to business with very little downtime.

Our Services:

Rebar Track Shoes:

Track Solutions’ innovative processes allow us to rebar your track shoes on the rail.

This means it saves you money by not having to remove the plates and replace the hardware. This technique has been used since we began operations in 2003 and is an effective way to drastically reduce maintenance costs.

Since then we have continued to fine tune our process to get you back on track even faster!

Extend the life of your Track Shoes by relugging (rebarring) worn plates with our quality Grouser Bar. Relugged Grousers can have longer wear-life than the original Grouser. With a hardness of 512 BHn, we only use the recognised industry-leading hardness to ensure we suit every Australian condition.

  • Our Unique Rebar & Relug Service:

    • We offer a unique Rebaring service because we Relug on the Chain, which eliminates unnecessary labour and parts associated with removing and Relugging Shoes.
    • We are only Track Shop in Australia to Rebar in this way.
    • Our unique Rebar process saves you $2400 to $5000 per track pair compared to the traditional Rebar method, making it a lot more cost effective for our customers.
  • Rebar Any Type of Shoe:

    • We can also Rebar Swampy (Self-Cleaning/Pyramid/Apex) Shoes and Shoes of any widths.
    • Our Track Shop provides a quick turnaround of one week for Rebar jobs.
    • Call us today to talk to us about your Rebar / Relug job.

Field Service:

Track Solutions’ skilled technicians are available to come on-site and carry-out scheduled maintenance and breakdown work.

Our technicians are highly experienced and trained in all mine-site operations and equipment, including:

  • We Come To You:

    • Repair dry joints on Dozer chains
    • Remove and replace damaged Links
    • Remove and fit Track Groups
    • Replace Sprockets, Idlers and Rollers
    • Remove and fit Shoes
    • Check Track tension
    • Track Inspection Reports (CTS)

For other additional repair and maintenance tasks, please talk to us today us to get a quick quote.

Pin & Bush Turning:

Our 300-tonne track press allows us to extended the life of your link assemblies by turning both the pin and bush according to correct specifications. It also allows us to replace only those parts that need replacing.

  • Our Unique Pin & Bush Turn Service:

    • Track Solutions has a WTC 385 tonne press at our Perth Track Shop which allows us to service Excavators up to 200 tonne and Dozers up to D11 and D475.
    • You will receive full inspection report on your equipment, with recommendations to suit your undercarriage needs, with options including genuine parts or after-market parts to reduce costs.
    • All SALT lubricated chains are rebuilt using genuine Cat synthetic oil and pressure tested with industry leading nitrogen pressure test unit to ensure component integrity and improve product performance.
    • We specialise in quick turnaround for Track jobs, within three to four days for urgent job requirements and two-week average.

Call us today and let Track Solutions service your Pin & Bush Turn requirements!

Plate Up:

Our track shop has both a 5000 Foot-Pounds WTC Model WS5E-3 Electric Impact Wrench and a 10,000 Foot-Pounds MT10000 torque wrench which allow us to torque up the hardware to exact specifications.

  • We Are The Plate Up Experts:

    • Plate Up new Track Groups
    • We can remove old shoes from worn chains and re-plate on new Chains
    • We can cut plates to size
    • We re-use old hardware wherever possible
    • We can also cut mud-holes

Service can be done on-site if required with proper mobile equipment (using our RAD 50 Air Torque Wrench), and we promise a quick turnaround for Plate-Up services – from just 24 to 48 hours at our Perth Track Shop.

Contact us today and talk to us about your Plate-Up requirements.

Track Inspections:

Track Solutions’ Track Inspections are conducted to maximise wear-life of your undercarriage by undertaking timely servicing and maintenance of your undercarriage.

It is essential these inspections are carried out at regular intervals to ensure you get the most out of investment. Our highly experienced technicians regularly perform Track Inspections at our Perth Track Shop or on-site as required, providing machinery service recommendations.

Our Track Inspection Reports:

Track Inspections are carried out using the latest tools and technology, including an ultrasonic wear-indicator and including a lube check on SALT Chains.

Once our qualified technicians have inspected your undercarriage, you will be provided with a comprehensive report detailing maintenance and repair options to extend the life of your undercarriage and save costs per hour.

Our CTS Reports Include Information On:

  • Dry joints, links or idlers and parts that might need replacing
  • Wear evaluation for all of the parts
  • Quote and recommendation for repair, including new parts where required
  • Options offered where possible

Track Solutions technicians are experienced and equipped to carry out regular inspections on mine-sites.

Best of all, our Track Inspections can offer same-day service when urgently required so you have the information you need, fast.

Mobile Track Press:

Track Solutions’ has a range of mobile track press for hire, allowing you to quickly service and repair your equipment onsite!

Save time and money on transport and freight by keeping your equipment on-site and using our Track Press Hire to deal with quick repair jobs.

Track Press available for hire from Track Solutions ranges from 100 to 350 tonnes, and our options include Dry Hire, or hire with experienced operators to come on-site and provide expert service.

All hire equipment comes with electric hydraulic pump and tooling to suit requirements. Competitive daily and weekly rates.

Talk to us today to book your Track Press.

Working With Valuepart Australia:

Track Solutions also owns another renowned Western Australian businesses who specialises in the undercarriage industry – Valuepart Australia.

We work closely with Valuepart Australia to generate an increased buying power and thereby providing you with the best products that are both competitively priced and of the utmost quality.

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